On March 8 and 9, the picturesque Havet Hotel in Dźwirzyno became a place of extraordinary events on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. The Beauty Fair brought together numerous beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Our brand was not absent from them either.

The event, full of inspiration and good energy, offered guests a rich program with something for everyone. The LeMoon89 brand was pleased to present its collection as part of the showroom, where attendees could learn about the latest fashion trends. Such an event is also a great opportunity to talk to other great women.

In addition to our brand, many renowned companies and experts in the beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle industries were present at the Havet Hotel.

Philips – A company specializing in manufacturing hair styling equipment. At its booth it presented the latest technologies and trends in hairdressing.

Sara Zalewska – The fashion designer, who presented her latest collection at the showroom. Her creations impressed with their original style and attention to detail.

Rise – A clothing brand whose booth was the place to find unique clothing and accessories.

Anna Malec – A hair expert, who conducted a meeting with a hair stylist and a workshop called “The Hairy Workshop,” where participants could gain practical tips on hair care.

Bloch Optician – An eyewear expert who provided advice on choosing the right corrective and sunglasses.

Jungle Dream – A company engaged in the production of handmade jewelry. Its booth presented unique and original designs that attracted the attention of visitors.

However, the real draw for attendees was the lectures given by the founder of the LeMoon89 brand. Liza Skola gave an inspiring lecture titled “The importance of the world. “How to measure up to life change.”

This meeting was not only an opportunity to gain practical tips on dealing with life’s challenges, but also an inspiring journey through the world of personal development.

The Beauty Fair at the Havet Hotel in Dźwirzyno was therefore a unique event that allowed participants to take a breather from everyday life and be inspired in a variety of fields related to beauty, fashion and personal development. We are pleased that the LeMoon89 brand was part of this event.

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