This year we are experiencing the vibration of the number 8 and the energy of 8ka – Justice and its second meaning – Strength.

The number 8 manifests itself in matter (the double four, the basis of the physical world).
The year 2023 with the number 7 and the Chariot has provided us with a huge amount of energy, which will now manifest in real life. Simplifying, our plan will now become more material.

8 is the penultimate year in a nine-year cycle. It gives us a chance to look at what we have achieved in the previous 7 years and now reap the fruits of our labor. This is an opportunity for adjustment and redevelopment, as this is the last year of the cycle, 2025 – no longer offering such opportunities.

Just as the arcane Justice brings clarity and truth, the number 8 in Buddhism is associated with the lotus – a symbol of purity of body, mind and speech. Therefore, the year 2024, on the one hand, is karmic, and on the other hand, leads everyone to the truth. If you have already stepped out of the closed circle of the Sansara Circle, karmic stories will now free you from lessons and obligations. However, if you notice an exacerbation of karmic ailments, serious financial problems, greetings from family agendas or the return of situations from the past – honestly admit to yourself that freedom is still ahead of you, and there is still something to work on in terms of your own karma.

There is no point in rushing after someone or some idea. The chariot has stopped, now you can slow down and take an honest look at where you are right now. Now it’s not about speed, but about being in tune with one’s place and energy. The more your thoughts, feelings and actions converge, the easier you will travel the waves of 2024.

LeMoon Team ✨

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