Believe it or not, there is energy of space. The whole philosophy
Feng Shui
is directed at ensuring that the energy of the space flows properly and the so-called “energy blockages”, i.e. so that bad energy does not stop.

Surely you yourself have noticed that in some spaces you feel comfortable and calm, and to some rooms you do not feel like returning. Sometimes it also happens that we don’t want to go home. Then it is imperative to act to change this situation. Because home is the place where we are supposed to rest and accumulate our energy.

How to check that our home needs a purge from negative energies

  • The first changes in the energy field of the house are felt by animals, especially dogs. They act restless and depressed. Cats sleep longer and hide often
  • Plants do not grow as they should, wither and do not bloom
  • Electronic devices start breaking down for no reason, lights often burn out
  • Various fungi, dampness and worms appear
  • Children whine for no reason
  • Staying at home, feeling lethargic and sleepy, mood changes for the better after you leave home
  • There is a lack of air and everything around you begins to irritate you

Needless to say, the atmosphere in such a house affects the fact that we definitely quarrel more often and also get sick more often.

We have some ways for you to cleanse your home from negative energy:

  1. Clean the entire room with salt

That’s right, we use regular salt. Add to water and thoroughly wash the entire house, especially all corners and nooks. Mirrors and windows are also first wiped with salt water.

You can also sprinkle salt on the carpets and shake them out after 20 min. This is a very proven old Slavic way to get rid of all bad energies.

  1. Old and broken things: get rid of them ruthlessly

Even a gently broken cup should find its way into the trash. Nothing that is broken, slightly damaged, unusable, must not linger in your home. Gifts from people with whom you no longer have contact or your relations are bad are also best not kept at home.

Please believe, getting rid of the old – the new will come quickly.

  1. White sage

The smoke of white sage chases away everything that has been stagnant in your home. He will go through all the rooms and accounts. Smoke of incense – has been for centuries the most effective weapon for fighting evil spirits. Let white sage and other incense burn in your home as often as possible.

  1. Candles

Fire is an element that cleanses and calms. Burn candles not only during occasions. Let them burn as often as possible in your home.

We wish you to feel comfortable and cozy in your homes. Fresh flowers, aromatherapy, instrumental sounds also cleanse the space.

Much love to you and your loved ones ❤️

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