Super Moon in Pisces.

The second full moon this month, called the Red Moon. This is the time to collect everything you have sown, analyze your work and close all tails. We do not postpone anything.

The end of August and the beginning of September – is a very turbulent time due to retrogradations of other planets. Be very understanding to yourself and your partners. Emotions can still run wild. For many of you, transformations are happening in your lives right now, and it may seem – that you can’t take it anymore.

Please remember that there is no change without pain. Any form of meditation, tranquility – will help you through this anxious time.

Those who have already “processed” their own will feel a huge influx of energy, a desire to act, and new ideas may appear in their heads. Don’t miss this moment, the energies are strong – start implementation right away.

It’s worth letting go of the old ones. So forcefully, without blinking an eye – burn bridges. Toxic relationships, work that meats, maternity too long – go ahead: we cut and change situations.

The motto of this fullness: I let go of all heavy relationships, unnecessary people and situations that do not serve me. I am ready and open to new.

We send a lot of positive energy

LeMoon89 Team

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