The universe is always talking to us through numbers, symbols, songs or drawings we see.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that it’s a coincidence, that it just seems to us. But there are no coincidences in this world.
There is always a very clear message to you. Just open your eyes as well as your heart to these prompts.

The creation of our brand is also related to the symbols and hints we received from the universe.

We have been closely watching the numbers and signs in our lives for a long time.
Therefore, they will appear on our clothes as a message and support for you.

The earth’s vibrations have been fluctuating strongly for the past 10 years. We are coming to a so-called “transformation,” an awakening.
We are waking up from sleep, from old patterns. We open our hearts. We reach for what our soul actually desires.
We emerge from the social noise, the imposed framework of the omnipresent system.

Such awakening of the soul, of a person, is not always easy and pleasant.
But in the transition to ahigher vibration, numbers and signs always come to the rescue.

One of the first numbers that appears in a person’s life at the beginning of his transformation is the number 11:11.

This is a very clear message from the universe that you are creating your reality in the right way.

That you are starting to move in the right direction.

It is a confirmation that your intentions are already working and the realization of your desires is already an ongoing process.

When it comes to such a combination of numbers on the watch, it is a very good messenger.

In relationships: He prompts us to let go and forgive if something old is holding us all the time.

New life situations are possible, during which you will meet new people who will play an important role for you.

Remember that there are no coincidences. Every person we meet on our way is not a coincidence.
Be open to the new.

When it comes to work, this combination speaks of success and good decisions.
Take your time, the universe is on your side. Everything will work out.

This is generally a very good combination of numbers. It augurs success, achievement of goals and gifts from fate. But!
It reminds us of the calmness and patience we should have inside on the way to our dreams.

May everything be with you as your heart desires. Be open to the new.

2222 is also 8, so it is very strong and a very good sign.

The number 222 is meant to remind you that nothing happens by accident and absolutely everything that has happened is necessary.

Maintain a positive approach to life and a strong connection with your Higher Self,
this will make everything turn around in the end and bring positive results.

You will receive many blessings in due divine time. You successfully implement the law of attraction
and the Angels want you to maintain this state, and then all your desires will come true.

Keep the faith and hold strong to your personal beliefs.

Remember that when you get on the right track, the universe begins to test you, through various, not always pleasant situations.

Be strong. Don’t give up! And soon everything will happen your way.

This is our favorite combination of numbers. Which we put in our logo.
Combining action and success with high self-awareness and spirituality.

8 – is action, abundance, endless energy and strength.

9 – greater good, contemplation, self-awareness, forgiveness, inspiration.

I CHOOSE LOVE – this is not simply a slogan.

This is a lifestyle. This is our philosophy of life.

We bet on love. We follow the path of our own heart. We open ourselves to love
And we want this slogan and the unique shades of red to remind you of that.

Don’t be afraid to love.

Nurture love for each other and be ready for love. Because it is the only right way.

We Choose Love! And You? ❤️

The symbol of infinity is eternal movement, an infinite number of possibilities and choices.

There is nothing more certain than change and repetition of behavior.

This sign is to remind you to balance and control your emotions. Time will put everything in its place anyway.

We probably don’t need to tell you much about the moon.

This is our guide. Support. It is a very important symbol and life guideline for us.

The phases of the moon have had a huge impact on our earth and our souls since the beginning of time.

We listen to him and co-create our reality together.

You can choose your number as one of the symbols to choose from with us.💫

Numerology, or what number you are, has a very interesting impact on our lives.
If you are not interested in numerology, you may just have your favorite number that brings you luck and support on your life path.

And now it will accompany you, being on our clothes.🌙

How do you calculate what number you are?

Just add up all the numbers from your birthday. In numerology, we have numbers from 1-11.

Example : 18/09/1888

1+8+9+1+8+8+8 =44

4+4 = 8