Inspiring meeting of Polish brands and extraordinary women in Poznan ✨

In December 2023, a unique event took place in Poznan that united women from different fields, joining forces in “Women’s Vibrations“. The organizers of this event focused on promoting Polish brands and emphasizing the role of strong and inspiring women in business. Our brand LeMoon89 also had the opportunity to participate in this special meeting.

The atmosphere of the event was truly unique – full of positive energy, enthusiasm and solidarity. Wonderful holiday decorations and subtle music created a pleasant environment conducive to an open exchange of ideas and experiences. There was delicious food and plenty of inspiring stories. The event was attended by many wonderful women. They included, among others:
Natalia Bloch
Karolina Motylewska
Sara Zalewska
Alicja Malec
Bloch optician
Jungle Dream Store
Le Paris Photo Studio

All of them look beautiful with products from our



One of the highlights of the program was a lecture by the founder of our brand LeMoon89, Liza. During her presentation, she shared not only the story of the brand’s creation, but also reflections on change, life choices and values that guide her actions. Her inspiring lecture touched on topics related to women’s strength, entrepreneurship and the ability to change one’s life.

Liza stressed the importance of building relationships and supporting each other in the business world. Her story is an inspiration to other women who dream of having their own business and want to find their way in the world of entrepreneurship.

The lecture was followed by presentations by the brands that participated in the event and joint discussions. LeMoon89 had a chance to showcase its products and share the brand’s story with other attendees. This is a great opportunity to network, exchange experiences and expand your knowledge in the industry.

Participants of “Women’s Vibrations” left the event with great new contacts, full of motivation for action and ready to take on new challenges. This event not only enabled the promotion of Polish brands, but also created a strong community of women who support and inspire each other.

“Women’s Vibrations” in Poznan is not only a business meeting, but also a celebration of femininity, strength and determination. All this made it an unforgettable event that certainly left a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of the participants.

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